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VoIP Reseller FAQsVoIP Reseller FAQs

Listed below are the questions most frequently asked by prospective VoIP Resellers. We thought it would be very useful for potential VoIP Resellers to get their questions answered immediately during non-business hours. If you have questions not answered here, just "request Information" (link at top of page), give us a call or send an email to sales@AllianceSolutions.biz.

  1. What level of quality can we expect with Alliance VoIP?

  2. What features will our VoIP customers receive?

  3. How difficult is it for the customer to set up?

  4. Does the customer require a special phone to use VoIP?

  5. Will VoIP work for every telephone in the house?

  6. Can a customer keep their current telephone number?

  7. Will the VoIP reseller need a website and merchant account and other things?

  8. What is the asset value of each subscriber I secure, should I wish to sell my VoIP business and retire?

  9. What are the wholesale costs associated with the Alliance VoIP Solution?

  10. Where can I find an eCourse on becoming a branded VoIP reseller?


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