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Does the customer require a special phone to use VoIP?

The short answer is "no". With an analog telephone adapter (ATA) the customer can use any touch tone analog telephone that they already own. (Click here to learn more about ATA.)

However, some of the features available with digital service (i.e., Visual Voicemail, Caller ID, etc.) will not work with phones that do not support the feature. Yet, many new phones support all of these features and are very inexpensive, starting at around $15 per phone.

If a customer wants to upgrade their telephone, do they need to ask for a VoIP telephone?

Absolutely not! Simply select any standard analog telephone with the features you desire and it will work just fine.

Will it work for every telephone in the house?

That depends... If the internet connection and modem are close to the telephone box where the outside telephone line enters the house, the entire house can be converted to digital or VoIP service. The customer should secure professional help to accomplish this. Short of this, the customer can secure cordless phones where there is a single base hooked to the ATA and any number of cordless extensions (some up to 10) that can easily be placed in other rooms. For more information on this subject, click here.

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